About Nancy Keene

Nancy Keene is an author and supporter of Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation. Nancy has spent years advocating for and supporting her young daughter through intensive treatment for acute leukemia. For the six years prior to parenthood, Nancy worked for the FAA as an air traffic controller at two major airports on the East Coast. In the 1970s, while obtaining a degree at the University of Virginia, Nancy worked as a paramedic at a busy rescue squad and taught adults basic and advanced emergency life support skills.

Throughout her adult life, Nancy has devoted much time to developing a personal philosophy of patient empowerment through knowledge and attitude. She lives in Washington and is busy writing and raising her two daughters. She spends her limited free time volunteering at school, talking with parents of children newly diagnosed with cancer, reading an eclectic mix of books, and dreaming of travel.

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Nancy Keene

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