Treatment Centers for Childhood Cancers

The following pediatric oncology institutions offer experienced, multi-disciplinary approaches to childhood cancer treatment. Each individual web site also offers good information on the different types of cancers and their treatment.

Children's Oncology Group, COG

The childhood cancer research and treatment centers of the Children's Oncology Group (COG) are located at the most prestigious medical institutions in the world. The 5,000 or more pediatric oncology specialists of COG conduct collaborative research, working efficiently and cost-effectively as they share their goals and results. Because of these cooperative methods, children with cancer are assured of state-of-the-art care, no matter where they live, as long as they are cared for by members of the COG network.

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital is known around the world for the treatment of pediatric cancers. They offer clinical studies for most pediatric cancers, and they lead the world in cure rates for ALL Leukemia. All patients accepted for treatment at St. Jude are treated without regard to the family's ability to pay. Visit their web site for more information.

M. D. Anderson Cancer Center

M. D. Anderson offers an experienced team of specialists and innovative technologies and treatments for pediatric cancers. They offer clinical trials sponsored both by COG and by their own institution. The web site offers good information on the different childhood cancers and their treatment.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Dana-Farber/Children's Hospital Cancer Care (DF/CHCC) is a 50-year-old partnership between Children's Hospital Boston and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute that delivers comprehensive care to children with and survivors of all types of childhood cancers. The mission of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute is to provide expert, compassionate care to children and adults with cancer while advancing the understanding, diagnosis, treatment, cure, and prevention of cancer and related diseases.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan-Kettering offers treatment of cancer affecting children, teenagers, and young adults. Pediatric oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists, pathologists, and other sub-specialists work together to maximize each patient's chance of a cure.

M.D. Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital

M.D. Anderson offers treatment, including blood and marrow transplants, for pediatric cancers, including CNS cancers, leukemias, lymphomas, and solid tumors. They offer both their own and COG clinical trials, which are listed on the web site. Notable are their programs for teens and young adults.

Pediatric Brain Tumor Consortium (PBTC)

This consortium formed in 1999 with the support of the National Institutes of Health and the National Cancer Institute in order to perform innovative, technologically challenging studies for children with brain tumors to improve survival and quality of life. The nine institutions were chosen after a competitive review of their past experience in the care of children with brain tumors, the depth of their pediatric brain tumor program, the clinical resources of the institution, and their ability to perform innovative research. More information on PBTC and links to the nine institutions is on a separate Candlelighters web page: